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Independent, Michigan-based Cash & Carry fundraising options from the Great Lakes region.

We empower groups to raise money for the things they want to do.

Representing the Great Lakes since 1988, we provide groups with a selection of Cash & Carry gourmet lollipops and Mackinaw fudge at a 50% profit. Learn more about partnering with Great Lakes Promotions to help your group do great things!

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Fundraising Options

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“The kick-off went great. The principal was happy, kids seemed excited, and hoping parents will be, too. It was one of my easiest kick-offs since I have been doing this.”

“You offer products that are so good – I use them as gifts for special occasions for my family and friends.”

“The kick-off went well. We had parents say that kids actually came home talking about how they could help the school instead of talking about what prizes they could get. Having the teachers talk about it helped make it more intimate and meaningful I think.”

We’d like to learn more about Great Lakes Promotions!

We understand how difficult it must be to choose the best partner for your school. Fundraising is a tried and true method to help schools raise that extra money to do the things that will really affect children to do great things. We’d love to answer any questions you might have!

Empowering Kids, Building Community

Fundraising is a time-honored tradition. It can teach our children that their help contributes positively and has an impact at their school. Our focus is to ensure selling safely and to encourage a few character traits such as Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship, and Caring.