Meet Rich & Diane

Great Lakes Promotions was started by Rich & Diane Napierkowski back in 1988. As parents of five they understand the importance of those extra special learning experiences that helped change his own children’s lives. Whether it be a great playground experience, that perfect instrument, or a field trip that helped changed their perspective, those extra special things are what drive children to greatness. Great Lakes Promotions partners with schools around the Great Lakes region to help make their fundraiser the best that it can be. Fundraising has changed a lot since 1988, but the service, attention to detail, and the care that goes into each fundraiser hasn’t. They’d love to partner with your school to help your children do great things.

Michigan Fundraising
Michigan Fundraising

Great Lakes Promotions is a family run business with a serious focus on customer service. Our goal is to provide a unique product mix featuring many Michigan and Great Lakes made or designed products. End customer satisfaction is our priority.

We started in our home in 1988 and as our family grew, our business grew as well. With six grandchildren now, we are continuing strong in our commitment to students, schools, end customers and community, helping many small businesses in Michigan to showcase their products.

Why Choose Great Lakes Promotions:

  • Most items made or designed in Great Lakes states including many Michigan Made
  • 30 years of experience with excellent customer service
  • Dedicated staff here to serve you

If you would like to purchase our fundraising products outside of a fundraiser, head to Amazing Michigan!

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We partner with schools to change children’s lives.


started in 1988


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