Brochure Fundraising Option…Virtual, Online: Farm-to-Table Michigan Popcorn

Virtual Online Fundraise – No contact, ships directly to each customer’s home.

Start your virtual sale with ease – any kind of group, any size. Contact me today.

No money to collect! No product to deliver to your school! All orders are taken online, and all orders are shipped to each customer’s home. This will be the brochure that students take home to show.

All we need from you is…The number of students participating- Sale start date-Your group/school Tax ID

Brochure Fundraising: Virtual-No Contact-Virtualis going well…Try it-any group, any size.

A simple, straightforward way to fundraise! Watch the video above to learn more.

  • Online Fundraiser
  • Ships Directly
  • NO contact
  • NO Volunteers