Inspiring fundraising to help people do great things!

We’ve had over 30 years of successful fundraising in the Great Lakes region and want to partner with your school!

Fundraising Options

Cash and Carry

Just order a case of fudge for each child that will be participating.

Brochure Fundraising

We handle everything from collating, sorting, packing, and delivering.

Family and friend can help support your fundraiser!

It’s as easy as ABCD to create a seller ID#, sell on social media, send emails and earn prize credits (if applicable)!


Go to “Seller Registration” and enter Group ID. Click “Register.”


Enter in required fields. Click “Next.”


Click “Login.”


Send emails to friends & relatives and share on Facebook.

Fundraising made easy.


Platinum Plus Service Program

Seven Points of Service


All products made or designed in the Great Lakes region. Face to face & on-line selling; Parent letter and concise contract with simple terms of agreement; Free awards.

Student Packets

Individual packets with brochures, order forms, information flyer, packed by teacher/class for easy distribution. Inspiring fundraising to help people do great things.

Return Of Orders

Late orders accepted after order forms have been mailed or picked up. Please e-mail or fax late orders.

Orders Packed

Orders & prizes packed together using a scanning system. Large orders have student’s name on the box. Smaller orders are packed in individual bags with student’s name.


We will schedule a convenient delivery date. Friendly delivery person will take to your designated area and will arrange by classrooms. Smaller orders will be shipped to the coordinator.


Concise invoice, school and classroom reports, and drawing tickets generated. Any required sales tax will be sent to the State of Michigan.

Follow Up

Our phone number is on student forms and invoices. We accept all calls to clarify/rectify orders. Prompt attention is given to any problems. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We’d like to learn more about Great Lakes Promotions!

We understand how difficult it must be to choose the best partner for your school. Fundraising is a tried and true method to help schools raise that extra money to do the things that will really affect children to do great things. We’d love to answer any questions you might have!